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Positioned To Lead Next Generation IT Solutions

Michael Horn Headshot

Create business value through technology. Strategic planning of business growth objectives. Ensure tech systems and procedures lead to outcomes in line with business goals. Oversees the development of customer service platforms. Manage IT and development team personnel. Approve vendor negotiations and IT architecture. Information risk management (IRM). Establish IT policies, strategies, and standards. Develop and approve technology futures and budgets.

Interconnected Information Management disciplines to deliver value-based programs with commitment, shared purpose, and achievement of enterprise goals in:

Insight: Established data-driven and highly-informed decision-making capabilities for the executive office, including analysis of and insight into complementary player services costing hundreds of millions.

Foresight:Developed metrics for the executive management team to gain foresight into market conditions and trends, providing capabilities to answer the really hard “what if” questions.

Understanding:Increased understanding of financial performance through the use of metrics, data visualization, and executive scorecards.

Efficiency:Achieved multi-million dollar cost savings in operations management through measurement, analysis, and process improvements.

Effectiveness: Energized and led the implementation of enterprise-wide budgeting system that dramatically reduced time and effort to access information critical to decision-making.